Application – 2015 Parade

The Application Form for the 2015 America’s Parade>>is now available!

The Application Form for the 2015 America’s Parade>>is now available!

Please review the important application information below, and then apply using one of the following options:

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NOTE: >>Applications will be accepted (on a space-available basis) until October 1, 2015; please apply as soon as possible in order to ensure your group’s place in the Parade!

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Application Information

Overview of application process:

  1. Eligible groups>>(see below)>>submit an application>>(Final Due Date: Thursday, October 1, 2015)
  2. All applications are reviewed by the Parade Committee>>(on a rolling basis)
  3. Accepted groups are sent confirmation materials, which must be completed and returned to the Parade Committee>>(Acceptance notices and confirmation materials will be sent out starting July 15)
  4. Confirmed groups receive final assembly information and other details>>(1-2 weeks prior to the parade)

IMPORTANT! Due to the increased size of the parade and security/safety requirements, all groups must submit an application, regardless of past participation. Please apply as soon as possible.>>

Parade Information

PURPOSE:>>The sole purpose of the NYC Veterans Day Parade is to honor the service of our Veterans and to salute our currently serving military. It is a>>non-partisan, non-political>>event, and may>>not>>be used as a platform for any other purpose or political agenda. Any individual or group that attempts to use the Parade as a forum for this purpose will be denied participation, and will forfeit any expenses incurred.

THEMES:>>This year's featured service branch is the U.S. Navy>>(all branches will participate). In addition, the Parade>>will observe>>70th Anniversary of the end of World War II and the 25th Anniversary of Desert Shield.


  • Recognized and reputable U.S. military veterans groups, non-profit organizations serving veterans, and JrROTC units are invited to apply for the parade. There is no fee for participation. (see below regarding corporate veterans groups)
  • Military units and ROTC units are warmly invited; please contact our office to coordinate your participation with the appropriate higher command. There is no fee for participation.
  • All other applicants (veterans of allied nations, youth/civic groups, businesses, etc.) will be evaluated based on their service to our veterans community, their record of past participation and other factors. In most cases, there is no fee for participation (see below regarding businesses and corporate veterans groups)
  • Individual veterans may apply independently; they may request to join specific groups, or they may be placed in the Line of March based on their era of service or service branch. There is no fee for participation.
  • All accepted groups (and independent participants) must sign the required waivers. In some cases, groups may be asked to provide additional proof of insurance (e.g. groups with oversize vehicles or animals).
  • Businesses wishing to participate must contact us at or 212.693.4151.
  • Corporate veterans groups wishing to march as a branded unit (signage/apparel/vehicles) must contact us>>to discuss an appropriate sponsorship arrangement. (There is no fee for individual veterans and non-profit veteran service providers).

DATE/TIME: The parade will take place Wednesday, November 11, 2015 (Veterans Day!),>>rain or shine. It will start at approximately 11:15 AM (at the conclusion of the Opening Ceremony,>>see below) and end between 3:30 and 4:30pm.

ROUTE:>>The parade goes north on Fifth Ave., from 26th>>to 52th>>Street, and is 1.3 miles (30-40 minutes on foot).

OPENING CEREMONY:The>>parade is preceded by our traditional opening ceremony at the Eternal Light Monument (5th>>Avenue @ 24th>>Street, next to Madison Square Park). The ceremony begins at 10:00 AM and concludes with a wreath laying at 11:00 AM (The 11th>>hour of the 11th>>day of the 11th>>month). Seating is available at the opening ceremony, with preference given to our disabled and elderly veterans.

ASSEMBLY:On the morning of the parade, groups will assemble in the streets next to and north of Madison Square Park (5th>>Ave. & 23rd>>St). Exact locations/times will be sent to accepted and confirmed groups.

VIEWING THE PARADE:>>Spectators (especially family & friends of participants) are encouraged to gather to show their support along the parade route (see above).

REVIEW STAND: VIP's and military Reviewing Officers will review the parade from our stage on 5th>>Avenue at 41st>>Street (in front of the NY Public Library). Bleacher seating is available near the Review Stand, with priority seating for elderly & disabled veterans.

LINE OF MARCH:Accepted and confirmed groups will be informed of their position in the Line of March (order of the parade) in the weeks prior to the parade.

ELDERLY & DISABLED PARTICIPANTS: We encourage our elder and disabled veterans to join us! We will have dedicated floats & vehicles available for them to ride in the parade. If your group's elderly/disabled members wish to go up the parade route>>with your group, you must arrange for an appropriate vehicle>>(see below)>>to transport them. If they wish to observe the parade instead, reserved seating is available at our Review Stand (see above), and at the Opening Ceremony (see above). Disabled Parking is also available. More details will be provided to accepted and confirmed groups.

VEHICLES:Our vehicle policy is intended to ensure the safety, security and smooth running of the Parade:

  • All vehicles must be able to provide proof of registration and insurance upon request, and all drivers must be legally licensed for the class of vehicle they will be driving.
  • All vehicles must be able to arrive at and depart the Parade area without assistance, and must be able complete the 1.3 mile parade route (including waiting times) safely and cleanly.
  • All vehicles should be clean and of historic/decorative value (or should be appropriately decorated). Photos may be requested.
  • Groups with vintage or decorative vehicles (military or civilian) may be asked to transport elderly or disabled veterans up the parade route.
  • No more than 8 vehicles at a time will be permitted to proceed as a group up the parade route. We are working on securing 'rally points' for larger vehicle groups to re-assemble following the parade.

All other details regarding exact assembly areas & times, parking, drop-off/pick-up, wreath information, etc., will be sent to accepted and confirmed groups prior to the parade.

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